Kids Kitchen (5-11 year olds)

Tobias is already asking when he can cook again! (Bianca King, Stockport)

In the Kids Kitchen your kids will have fun in a safe environment making a variety of fantastic dishes while learning all about healthy food and where it comes from. They’ll weigh, measure, chop, grate, blend, mix, create a racket, make a mess and get very sticky fingers. It’s GREAT!

At the end they’ll sit and share their food together, and since all good chefs clean up after themselves, they wash-up and tidy the kitchen to finish the job, learning how to be completely self sufficient in the kitchen! Finally, if they haven’t eaten it all already, they’ll take home some of the food they’ve made to proudly show off to the rest of the family.

And, most importantly of all, while the children are having a great time with the other kids, they’ll also be learning and developing all kinds of new knowledge and skills:

  • Group participation and teamworking
  • Essential kitchen skills
  • Confidence, independence and self sufficiency
  • Developing literacy skills; e.g. reading recipes and weighing and measuring food
  • Healthy eating and good food choices from an early age
  • An awareness of ingredients and where food comes from
  • An awareness of different cultures’ food and customs
  • An awareness of sustainability; e.g. local food and food miles
  • Table manners and social interaction

Kids Kitchen classes take place every week in Bramhall and cost £7.50 per class if you book on a monthly basis. Come and give it a try. We’d love to meet you.